Excerpt – Skylar Pharaon: Constellation Libra

Chapter 1 New World Order The Ancient Egyptians once believed that the Constellation Libra represented the scales of justice, in which the human heart would be judged after death. The Ancient Chinese called the constellation the star of celestial balance between heaven and earth.  But in the year 2007, after the discovery of an extra-solar [...]

Guest Blog – Skylar Pharaon: Constellation Libra

Life after Earth is becoming more and more possible with recent evolutionary efforts to map the universe, discoveries of Earth like planets, and the privatization of space flights by visionary entrepreneurs, such as Sir Richard Branson. However, life on a new planetary system will have its challenges.  The future generations will inherit a very complex [...]

Skylar Pharaon – Constellation Libra

Q: What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it? Author: The most exciting element of Constellation Libra-Life After Earth is that the planets mentioned in the novel are true astronomical discoveries and that life after earth is quite possible.  I chose this specific topic to get people thinking about the [...]

Author Profile – Skylar Pharaon: Constellation Libra

Q: Why did you decide to write this book? Author: In 2009, I was visiting the City of Oslo in Norway.  I was sitting by the waterfront, observing the people, the boats and it was by the waterfront where I saw a labyrinth of large picture displays of various galaxies.  Then I remembered that it [...]

Guest Blog – Ray Barnett: The Gathering

Coming from a mainline church into a smaller house church can be like emerging from an oppressive relationship. It can take time to readjust. And sometimes the old ways cling tightly, especially when they were allied closely to the concept of pleasing or offending God. That was the appeal of returning to Judaism in New [...]

Excerpt – Ray Barnett: The Gathering

The Gathering Chapter 2: The Wine and the Wineskins A few days ago, I spoke with an old friend on the phone. I had not spoken with her for about ten years and, in an impulsive moment, I decided to track down her phone number and to call and see how she was doing. We [...]

Ray Barnett – The Gathering

Q: What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it? Author: The subject of the local church is something I have struggled with in my own life. The Bible paints such a wonderful, liberating picture of who and what the community of Jesus is to be like. That simple picture has [...]

Author Profile – Ray Barnett: The Gathering

Q: Why did you decide to write this book? Author: I have met so many people who are completely estranged from the church, and are now wandering around like wounded and bruised orphans. Their emotions ranged from disillusionment to outright anger. It wasn’t that they needed better preaching or brighter music, it was the enormous [...]

Excerpt – L.R.Saul: Bloodline

Part One The races split and bickered . . . but there was hidden in the land a race unlike any other. Are they worth it, Master? From her vantage point, she could see the two strangers clearly despite the darkening evening. Brown eyes and unearthly silver pupils watched the travellers keenly. They rode in [...]

Guest Blog – L.R.Saul: Bloodline

Getting Published: The Heartache and Hope “Is it hard to get published?” I often hear this question asked by new writers who approach the prospect of publication with tremendous longing, naivety, and nerves. And I don’t blame them for such hopeful naivety – and certainly not for the nerves. I felt all of it myself [...]