Guest Blog Three: Peter Lucking – Santa and The Little Teddy Bear

Stop the Press, it’s madness out there!  Focus on Quality, Create a WOW, children’s book Reading Experience Book publishers appear to be addicted to churning out low quality books by the bakers dozen.  We are overwhelmed with new titles jam-packed on the shelves.  It’s madness out there! I watched with delight as my young niece, [...]

Guest Blog Two: Peter Lucking – Santa and The Little Teddy Bear

“Joy to the world,” the angels sing.  Christmas time is here, Santa is coming to town, Christmas trees and candy canes, great wreathes of holly and ivy adorned with festive cards. – Fun Christmas trivia. I Love Christmas.  The family gathering round the crackling fire, the spontaneity of singing carols of Christ’s birth, telling tales [...]

Guest Blog One: Peter Lucking – Santa and The Little Teddy Bear

Create a WOW, children’s book Reading Experience. – Where has the WOW gone?  Who stole it?  Was it the Grinch? As I strolled through the children’s section of my local bookstore, I was disappointed to see shelves and shelves of mediocrity.  What happened to the amazing images and captivating words of books gone by?  Where [...]

Chapter Excerpts – Santa and The Little Teddy Bear

SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR – Peter John Lucking Chapter 6 A SUPER DUPER ZERO G ROLLER COASTER RIDE A bitter bleak arctic wind howled. Biting cold nipped at The Little Teddy Bear’s nose. Numbing cold chilled his hands and feet. “I n the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan , earth stood hard [...]

Author Interview: Peter lucking – Santa and The Little Teddy Bear

Peter Lucking – Fascinating Authors Interview 1. What excites you most about your book’s topic? The Magic of Christmas. Why did you choose it? I wanted to share the meaning of Christmas, the traditions, carols and customs from around the world through the eyes of my characters Bilbo, The Little Teddy Bear, Santa and the [...]

Peter Lucking – Author Profile

“Santa and The Little Teddy Bear” by Peter Lucking Q: Why did you decide to write this book? A: The book was inspired by the birth of my son Michael 16 years ago and the wonderful book The Polar Express. In 2008 two wonderful things happened at our family reunion in England. The first we [...]

Author Interview: Gigi Centaro

Let’s Cook Tonight by Gigi Centaro 1. How did you come to write a cookbook? I’m very familiar with cookbooks because I have over 400 in my personal library. I got the idea to write a cookbook because I realized cookbooks are written for the person who enjoys cooking. Cookbook authors typically use technical language [...]

Author Profile: Peter Lucking – Santa & the Little Teddy Bear

Peter Lucking, originally born in England, grew up in West Africa, Cameroons with his parents.  He has travelled the world extensively.  Inspired by the Lucking Family Christmas Reunion in 2008 Peter set out to tell the story of why we Celebrate Christmas through the use of Carols (lyrics included) and beautiful illustrations with Santa, a [...]

Guest Blog: Jeff Herten – The Sobering Truth

ALCOHOL:  A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION By Jeff Herten, MD Unlike tobacco, which only kills or seriously wounds the person who uses it and, on occasion, a close ally, alcohol is like a dirty bomb leaving many in the surrounding area severely injured.  The fallout encompasses: The son or daughter who is belittled and humiliated [...]

Author Profile: Jeff Herten – The Sobering Truth

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. Four months after I got sober, I was riding across the country on horseback on the original Pony Express Trail. My wonderful horse, Famus, suffered colic and was going to die. Miraculously, only because I was sober and could make the effort to drive him [...]