Guest Blog: Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin – Skill-ionaire

Tired of the same conflicts and problems coming back over and over again? A closer look at brain research and how to improve our parenting We tend to assume that when a child repetitively engages in a problem behavior, it means that he or she needs to learn something.  Yet, is that really true?  When [...]

Author Profile: Michele Marie Tate – Blood, Money, Power

• Why did you decide to write this book? I have loved to write all my life. When my husband and I moved to Portland, Oregon, after my son died in an automobile accident, I met a new friend who asked me to give life to the heart-wrenching story of her husband’s murder. Bonded by [...]

Chapter Excerpt: Michele Marie Tate – Blood, Money, Power

Chapter Three The Bride 1925 Santa Barbara, California Otto Preston Months passed, and my professional and personal relationship with Mr. Hearst deepened. He introduced me to many movie starlets, powerful business associates and high-ranking political officials during my visits to his ranch. Those connections helped me plan and achieve my political ambitions. In June, I [...]

Author Profile: Matthew Gollub – Jazz Fly 2

• Why did you decide to write this book? I knew my readers would be fascinated by a mix of English, jazz scat and some Spanish words set to be-bop and Latin jazz rhythms. I also wanted to introduce young people to exciting percussion instruments using the rain forest as a backdrop. Like all my [...]

Author Profile: Peter Hoffman – Carnal Weapon

• Why did you decide to write this book? I wrote CARNAL WEAPON for the fun of it.  Seriously, I wrote it for me.  It distills my lifetime fascination with sex, and I don’t pull any punches.  I uncover sex in all its guises, and when I lift the naturalist’s rug of fitness and reproduction, [...]

Author Profile: Andrica Corso – From Gatekeepr to Trusted Advisor

Why did you decide to write this book? I decided to write this book because after 15 years working inside Corporate America and hearing the constant negative feedback about HR, I came across an article in Fast Company Magazine (a couple of years ago) called “Why We Hate HR” and realized that, despite all the [...]

Guest Blog: Andria Corso

Andria Corso, author of From Gatekeeper to Trusted Advisor The topic of my book is about what it takes to be a trusted HR advisor in the high stakes and highly intense corporate world we live in today.  As an HR professional with 15 years of Corporate HR experience, I know how easy it is [...]

Author Profile: Kris Sedersten – Mojo

Why did you decide to write this book? I wrote my first novel, “The Spirit Seekers” as a goof!  It started out to be a little story for my friends, giving a shout out to the haunted houses we goofed around in during our high school years and beyond.  We love to go haunted house [...]

Chapter Excerpt: Kris Sedersten – Mojo

Mojo Chapter Twelve Scottie and Aimee made the trip across the city in a slow drizzle. The rhythm of the windshield wipers broke the stillness at expected intervals, but otherwise the silence in the vehicle was complete. Both were trying to process the information about Scottie’s father and what implications it may have for their [...]

Author Blog: Linda Pestana – Voices of the Heart

My motto in life is to live each and every moment to it’s fullest.  I don’t want to wait until it is to late and then wake up one morning and be filled with regrets and dissatisfaction. Life is so short, so brief a time in our lives…we only have this one chance to be [...]