Guest Blog: R. Scott Murphy

What Walk-Up Music Would Babe Ruth Choose If He Played Today? By R. Scott Murphy It used to be that fans paid the closest attention to what shoes a baseball player wore, or his particular brand of glove or bat.  Sorry, Nike—nowadays Major League players may get the most attention for what song they choose [...]

Chapter Excerpt: R. Scott Murphy – Ducks On The Pond

Chapter 1 Revelry in the House of Ruth Cultural Literacy Meets Schoolhouse Rock Highly respected academician E. D. Hirsch, Jr., is well known for his works on cultural literacy that spotlight people, places, and things “every American needs to know.” Criticized by some for a perceived lack of focus on differences in learning styles, it [...]

Author Interview: R. Scott Murphy – Ducks On The Pond

Q. Tell us a little bit about your book. A.“Ducks on the Pond” is a love letter to the sport of baseball, but it’s about far more than baseball.  It’s about youth, wonder and a sense of belonging.  It’s about nostalgia—simpler times when Pluto was a planet and reality peo­ple hadn’t taken over our lives.  [...]

Author Profile: R. Scott Murphy – Ducks On The Pond

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. I heard Cameron Crowe, one of my favorite film writer/directors, speak after winning the Oscar for writing “Almost Famous.”  He said the project allowed him to blow a kiss to his childhood.  That fascinated me.  I knew I wanted to someday have a similar experience.  [...]

Author Interview: Aileen Baron – The Scorpion’s Bite

Q. What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it? A. I often wondered why the famous archaeologist, Nelson Glueck, was assigned to do an archaeological survey of  Trans-Jordan (present day Jordan) for the OSS, since the main action of  WW II  was nowhere near there. It wasn’t until I began [...]

Author Profile: Aileen Baron – The Scorpion’s Bite

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. THE SCORPION’S BITE is the third book in the Lily Sampson series. In the last book in the series, THE TORCH OF TANGIER, Lily was recruited by the OSS. During WW II, a number of unlikely people were in the OSS, from anthropologists and archaeologists, [...]

Author Interview: Pascal Thiam

Pascal Thiam, author of From Timbuktu to the Mississippi Delta Q. Tell us a little bit about your book. A. It is the story of America’s music and the socio-cultural constructs that gave it its foundation and its amazing identity markers. Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. It was an important [...]

Author Interview: Tiffany Ashley – Love Script

Q. Tell us a little bit about your book. A. Love Script: Deluxe Edition is an extended edition of the 2007 release of Love Script. In a nutshell, the story shows what happens when a lie gets out of control. Determined win a prominent (but difficult) account for his company, Nick Sinclair (a playboy businessman) [...]

Author Profile: Tiffany Ashley – Love Script

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. Funny story. I actually had a job very similar to Laney’s. I hated it there. (Yes, Mary-Knight is a real person. Yes, she is a total bitch.) I would sit in my office and wish I was anywhere else in the world but at work. [...]

Chapter Excerpt – Jin Robertson – Major Dream

Chapter 17. Your Own Vision, Your Own Dream — I Saw America! On March 9, 1971, on a sunny spring day, I boarded the plane, headed to America. All my family and several relatives and friends accompanied me to the Gimpo Airport to see me off. Mother looked exhausted from crying since the night before [...]