Author Interview – Michael Kaye

Q. Tell us a little bit about your book. A. The tail end of the boomer generation (1946-1964) is beginning to age and many are suffering with daily aches and pains. The goal of the book is to provide a resource for practical advice on how to live a better life in spite of chronic [...]

Guest Blog: Michael Kaye -The Baby Boomer Healthcare Team

The Baby Boomer Healthcare Team According to the National Center for Health Statistics, thirty percent of adults aged 45-64 report some sort of pain that lasts more than 24 hours. Many of us had serious injuries and, thankfully many times we recover. But sometimes people are diagnosed with lifelong conditions accompanied by intermittent bouts of [...]

Author Profile: Michael Kaye

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. Pain is universal.  I deal with it both as a practitioner and on a personal level daily.  And though there are hundreds of books dedicated to the topic, I believe there is still a void when it comes to providing the kind of honest, straightforward information [...]

Guest Blog: Lilian Duval, author of You Never Know

If you’re like most of us, you’ve wished friends “Good luck!” more than once, and you’ve received your share of lucky wishes, too. But what exactly do we mean by good luck? I’ll venture that good luck is a happenstance that makes it possible for you to be happy. Good luck can mean acing a [...]

Author Interview: Lilian Duval – You Never Know

Q. What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it? A. For years, I’ve been perplexed at the fate of some big-time lottery winners. After a brief splash as a rich person, the typical winner makes multiple mistakes and ends up worse off than before. The protagonist of my novel learns [...]

Book Excerpt: You Never know by Lilian Duval

Chapter 1 Saturday, December 23, 1989, was the kind of tepid winter day that made people ask, “What winter?” Dark by four in the afternoon, but no wind, no bite, a gray curtain over the sky for most of the day, just barely cold enough to freeze the slush into a treacherous skin of black [...]

Author Profile: Lilian Duval – You Never Know

Q: Why did you decide to write this book? A:  For a long time, I’ve wondered why people who win gigantic lottery prizes never seem to live happily ever after. Over the years, I accumulated a fat folder filled with their sad stories about wasted money, carnivorous relatives, greedy friends and neighbors, and simple human [...]

Book Excerpt: The Conpiracy by William McCarthy

Chapter 1 THE ACCUSATION On February 3, 2003, Detective Michael Reedy from a New Jersey prosecutors’ office came to my office and said to me:  “You have been accused of molesting two little sisters, Nora and Mary in 1980.” I could not have been more shocked by such an outrageous accusation. “I certainly did not,” [...]

Author Profile: William McCarthy – The Conspiracy

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. It was literally a life or death decision. I was falsely accused and banished into exile by my bishop and the Catholic Church – not excommunicated or defrocked, but the next thing to it. I was barred from the right to practice my faith in [...]

Book Excerpt: The W Day by Guilia Macchia

From the Ring . . . to the Yes, I do You are looking at your engagement ring, not only overjoyed but also worried about planning the most important event of your life. This book will help you to relax and to make the decisions that will ensure that you have the wedding of your [...]