Guest Blog – Media and the Lost Victim

Media and the Lost Victim By Dean J. Smart Trying to promote a book through the media is very difficult. Trying to promote a memoir that revolves around murder isn’t easy either, even if the murder and the trial for the crime are highly publicized.  But for some strange reason the criminals and killers are [...]

Guest Blog – Comments, Money, and Art

Comments, Money, and Art By Dean J. Smart The murder and trial that I wrote about in my memoir where highly publicized, both at the time of the crime and trial and repeatedly in the following twenty years since. It seems as if a year doesn’t go by where the story isn’t covered in same [...]

Guest Blog – Writing the Wrongs

Writing the Wrongs Dean J. Smart When I first started writing Skylights and Screen Doors, I knew that I would feel relieved and refreshed when I finally finished the manuscript, but I didn’t realize exactly how cathartic the entire process would be. In attempt to push me to finish the book, the people who are [...]

Guest Blog – Confidence

Confidence By Wayne Hatford To be fully confident, you must trust in yourself and your abilities. Self-undoing is the anti-confidence pill.  Shakespeare once wrote: “this above all, to thine own self be true.” However, if for some reason you cannot be true to yourself, confidence is likely to remain beyond your reach. Those who lack [...]

Guest Blog – The Impact of the WEP Social Security Law on Massachusetts Teachers

The Impact of the WEP Social Security Law on Massachusetts Teachers By Wayne Hatford The “WEP” Social Security Law, a.k.a. the “Windfall Elimination Protection” Act was passed by Congress in 1983 in a misguided attempt to support the solvency of the Social Security program.  However the net effect of  this law has been to unfairly [...]

Guest Blog – Castellaneta, Italy ~ Rudolph Valentino’s Home Town

Castellaneta, Italy ~ Rudolph Valentino’s Home Town By Wayne Hatford A trip to Italy, especially for “gli appassionati di Valentino”(Valentino Fans) ought to include a visit to his place of birth, Castellaneta and, of course, the new and improved “Museo Valentino.” However, whether or not you are interested in exploring Valentino’s roots, travelers to Italy [...]

Guest Blog – My Manuscripts That Wait

My Manuscripts That Wait By Michelle Linn-Gust The bottom drawer of my filing cabinet is filled with manila folders, each work a short title, each the beginnings of a novel. Some have short titles like The Swimmer while others are longer like Give Me a Buzi Before You Leave scrawled across the tab. I know [...]

Guest Blog – The Writing Life

The Writing Life By Michelle Linn-Gust Standing next to my shampoo and body wash in my shower is a scuba writing board. I’m not practicing for any undersea adventure, I have no intention of ever scuba diving. Instead, it’s there because I got caught one day in the shower with something I wanted to write [...]

Guest Blog – I Heart Australia

I Heart Australia by Michelle Linn-Gust I can’t confirm which came first: “The Love Boat” episode where cruise director Julie almost marries an Australian or the mini-series “The Thorn Birds” staring Richard Chamberlain as Father Ralph. The Father Ralph. I was eleven years old and he was one of my first crushes. Now I wonder [...]

Book Excerpt: Focus on Healing by Jennifer Barraclough

Chapter Excerpt from ‘Focus on Healing’ Jennifer Barraclough What is holistic healing? Healing means ‘to make sound or healthy’ and is a very broad concept. The word is also used as a shorthand description for the specific therapies known as spiritual, or energy, healing. Health is not just the freedom from disease, but a positive [...]