Book Excerpt: Top Secret Flight by Author Dale W. Cox

Top Secret Flight: CHAPTER 11 Tokyo, Japan—November 1941 “How do you know that?” After years of experience with rumors, Emperor Hirohito remained cautious. The prime minister bowed his head. “From our German friends. They obtained the information from an American spy who revealed that the U.S. is secretly forcing the Dutch to reduce oil shipments [...]

Guest Blog: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor By: Dale W. Cox “Ladies  and   Gentlemen.  The  President  of   the   United  States,” announced Edward R. Murrow, speaking from the House Chamber in the  nation’s  capitol  on  Monday,  December  8,  1941.  Americans listening  to  the  broadcast  over  their  radio  sets  could  hear  the thunderous applause. Across the nation, servicemen in [...]

Guest Blog: San Antonio, Texas—April 1941

San Antonio, Texas—April 1941 By: Dale W. Cox Captain Joe Polaski, plane commander of a B-17, banked his four- engine bomber smoothly to a new heading and scanned the runway from the side window. Verifying all clear, he transmitted, “Randolph Tower, Baker 507 downwind turning base.” His copilot, Lieutenant Bob Williams, chuckled. “Did you see [...]

Guest Blog: Denver, Colorado—April 1941

Denver, Colorado—April 1941 By: Dale W. Cox On a rain-threatening afternoon, Miss Sally Spenser, a tall, lithe young woman, twenty-one years old, clocked out from her part-time job as patient advocate at the county hospital. She walked briskly to her car in the crowded parking lot and twenty minutes later, entered home. She sang out, [...]

Author Profile: Dale W. Cox

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. To get the story of an amazing mission over Tokyo, just a few months after Pearl Harbor, into the history books and to the American people Q. What’s your favorite quote? A. “You can’t assume a god-dammed thing.” Q. Who inspires you the most? A. [...]

Book Excerpt: Patient Stories by Andrea King

Patient Stories – Chapter 11 Kidney Cancer and Disease MaryAnn Bear It may sound strange to some, but I actually had a vision, more like a voice, come to my mind to tell me where my kidney transplant was coming from. It entered my thoughts that the kidney I desperately needed would come through. Two [...]

Guest Blog: The Unfortunate Cause of Isolation

The Unfortunate Cause of Isolation By: Andrea King For most of us, it is normal to loose track of people, friends, and even acquaintances along the years. You may graduate high school and leave your best friends behind for new adventures in the years forward. You may decide that the people you thought you knew [...]

Guest Blog: Things to do in Michigan

Things to do in Michigan By: Andrea King I’m always amazed to think about how many places I have not yet been to in my home state of Michigan. And that’s coming from someone who loves to travel. I’ve been all over Europe and even certain parts of the U.S. Yet, I still have so [...]

Guest Blog: Andrea King author of Patient Stories

Andrea King, author of Patient Stories I have a new found love, yet again, for Europe after a recent trip. Who wouldn’t want to embrace the endless coffee shops that line the streets and lead to the simple mornings of a pastry to start off the day? Who wouldn’t want to bask in the sun [...]

Author Profile: Andrea King

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. I explain this in the introduction of the book, but I met Brooks at a local coffee shop who spoke about his idea of Patient Stories after he was diagnosed with leukemia. He happened to find the writer he was looking for and I couldn’t [...]