Guest Blog: Women and Engines, What do they have in Common?

Women and Engines, What do they have in Common? By: Todd Reed Close your eyes and picture yourself putting on your winter coat as you prepare to head off for another day at work. Peering through the half-frosted front window, your senses begin computing that winter has arrived with a furry. Reluctantly, you reach down [...]

Guest Blog: Passion, Romance and Emotion…We Want it All

Passion, Romance and Emotion…We Want it All By: Todd Reed Isn’t it ironic that the very attraction that brings two individuals together can eventually drive them apart? We all remember how it felt when we first laid eyes on our significant other, and how amazing it felt to feel their touch, taste their lips and [...]

Guest Blog: Is Your Sex Life on Ice? Find out how to Heat it Up

Is Your Sex Life on Ice? Find out how to Heat it Up By: Todd Reed Does the latest weather report from your bedroom call for temperatures in the low 20s with wind chills hovering somewhere around zero? And wouldn’t you prefer temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s with plenty of sunshine–and maybe [...]

Guest Blog: And the Final Score Is…

And the Final Score Is… By: Todd Reed It’s that time of year again. Millions of fans, particularly guys, are glued to their televisions all weekend watching college and pro football. Whether you cheer for Oklahoma or Florida State, or root for the Green Bay Packers or Washington Redskins, the only thing that matters when [...]

Guest Blog: A Touch of Passion

A Touch of Passion By: Todd Reed Does passion and fire still burn strong in your relationship? Are you getting what you want from your significant other? When it comes to intimacy and passion I encourage you to reach out and touch the person you love. Time is so precious, we get up in the [...]

Author Profile: Todd Reed

Todd R. Reed (aka “The Communication Coach”) is an award-winning Commercial Television and Radio broadcaster who boasts nearly 20 years of on-air radio, television, and coaching experience. His passion is to empower men and women to sharpen their communication skills, understand what makes each other tick, and use conversation to recreate passion and a love [...]

Guest Blog: Chemistry Lessons

Chemistry Lessons By: Patricia Copley O’Connell I was 16 when I learned the first: I’d been put on The Pill to control a thorny “female dysfunction” and realized I was a different person when taking the hormones. My creativity was gone; my moods, though level and mellow, contained no more delirious highs, no agonizing lows. [...]

Guest Blog: I’m Too Old For This

I’m too old for this… By: Patricia Copley O’Connell I have a day job. It involves writing too. But it’s not always as fun as working on my own books. Did I say “not always”? I meant “not often.” You would think that marketing is as close to creating fiction as anything an employer is [...]

Guest Blog: Creativity Stem Cells

Creativity Stem Cells By: Patricia Copley O’Connell I’ve been reading about something called induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. These are adult stem cells that have been coaxed into “forgetting” their current programming (to become bone cells or liver cells, for example) and to behave like embryonic stem cells, which can become anything your body needs. [...]

Book Excerpt: The Alchemy of You by Author Pat O’ Connell

PART A: PROBLEMS Chapter 2| Problems Desperately Seeking Solutions You have needs. This book has solutions. PART A of The Alchemy of YOU gets you from one to the other in a flash, without a lot of fuss. Quick-Reference Format Each chapter in this first section addresses a group of related issues that may concern [...]