Meet Author Kris Sedersten

Hello everyone!  It is so nice to be here today.  I am the author of the Mojo series; a paranormal mystery thriller/ horror saga.  The second installment, Lost Mojo, is now available on and will soon follow on and Barnes and About Lost Mojo: For six small-town teenagers, the haunting begins with [...]

Chapter Excerpt: Ed Sherman, Buddha & Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link?

Chapter 16: Only One Way? Christianity is well known for its claims that Jesus is the only way to God.  This claim is based on numerous biblical passages, including John 14:6b, where Jesus is quoted as saying: I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.[i] [...]

Author Profile: Craig Greenlee

Why did you decide to write this book? There’s a need to provide some perspectives about the Marshall tragedy that most people have never heard. The best way to do that? Write a self-published book. This way, I know my story will see the light of day. Do you have any secret writing tips you’d [...]

Book Excerpt: November Ever After

Chapter 10: It’s Always with You Given that Marshall’s family of black students was fairly close-knit, it’s baffling as to why we never engaged in any meaningful discussions about the tragedy. Yes, we were a community, but that doesn’t mean that all of us were bosom buddies. The plane crash was traumatic, gripping, and surreal. [...]

True Redemption Is Not About Winning

By Craig T. Greenlee We’ve been led to believe by the media hounds that when marquee sports figures mess up big time and they come back and win — it’s redemption. No. No. No. Winning doesn’t tell you anything about a player’s personal life or his willingness and ability to do the right thing. Quarterbacks [...]

Is NCAA really serious about making real changes in the way it conducts its business?

By Guest Blogger Craig T. Greenlee All the talk about instituting real reform in big-time college athletics sounds good. It’s exactly what folks want to hear. Even so, the question lingers. Is the NCAA truly ready to clean up the cesspool it has helped to create? We’ll have to wait and see. NCAA President Mark [...]

In big-time college sports, a sense of fairness can be established by paying the athletes

By Guest Blogger Craig T. Greenlee Big-time college sports is big business. Football and basketball are the cash cows that keep getting fatter with each passing season. There is a problem with this scenario. Everybody in the loop gets a piece of the action except those who are most responsible for winning and generating fan [...]