Chapter Excerpt: Lost Mojo by Kris Sedersten

On a country road four miles north of the small farming town of Harvard Nebraska, a black Dooley pickup sat on a forgotten dirt lateral road once used by local farmers. Traffic had largely been rerouted to roads maintained by the county, in recent years, so the isolated back road was rarely used. The truck [...]

Author Profile: Kris Sedersten

Why did you decide to write this book? I first wrote this book in 2008 under the title of The Spirit Seekers. What I knew about publishing then, or writing for that matter, you could have put in the navel of a gnat and still had room left over for lint. It was a goof; [...]

Synergy Paranormal Investigations, Harvard, NE

By Guest Blogger Kris Sedersten Hello!  I’m Kris Sedersten, author of the new paranormal mystery-thriller, Lost Mojo.  Although second in the Mojo Series, Lost Mojo is the prequel to Mojo. It was originally published under the title The Spirit Seekers in 2008.   I wrote it as a goof; a shout out to my friends from [...]

The Rebirth of Israel, read all about it!

By Guest Blogger David Longeuay The rebirth of Israel in 1948, marks one of the most significant prophecies in the Bible. The event was on par with the parting of the Red Sea and is a similar demonstration of God’s love to all persons who lived in persecution. The consistent message these events state; if [...]

Parallel Nations

By Guest Blogger David Longeuay Everybody knows there are similarities between Israel and America in some respects—thus the two nations have become allies in the fight of terrorism. Besides being democratic states and allies though, there are surprisingly many more similarities that most people don’t know about—on both spiritual and secular levels. On a spiritual [...]

Dead Sea scrolls and Israel

By Guest Blogger David Longeuay Recently I took a tour of the Dead Sea Scrolls that were on display at Pacific University in Southern California. A young Shepard found the first set of scrolls in Palestine (modern day Israel) while chasing a stray goat to a cave in 1947. The scrolls were housed in clay pots and [...]

Chapter Excerpt: Rebirth of Israel by David Longeuay

Chapter 1 August 1945 Charles Devonshire paced the deck of the ocean liner he’d boarded sixteen days before. His shoes clacked along the wooden planks while he dodged passengers and scanned the horizon for approaching vessels that might have his father aboard. Once again, he saw nothing except rippling water and frothy whitecaps under the [...]

Author Profile: David Longeuay, Rebirth of Israel

Why did you decide to write this book? Besides feeling “a calling” to write about Israel, and that I love historical dramas, I also just love to write! I’ve written so many other things from songs to short stories and one non-fiction unpublished book, but until now, I had never written a novel, so it’s [...]

Author Profile: Sylvia Bernstein, Aquaponic Gardening

Why did you decide to write this book? I wrote this book in large part because it needed to be written.  There just wasn’t anything good available to help the home aquaponic gardener to get started and be successful, and clearly writing this book was a natural project for our business. Do you have any [...]

Chapter Excerpt: Aquaponic Gardening: A Step by Step Guide to Growing Fish and Vegetables Together, by Sylvia Bernstein

After breakfast Luna, my 9 year old Tibetan Terrier, runs to the door that leads to the back deck whenever I approach it.  She knows that soon we need to go feed the fish.  After several false alarms, the moment finally arrives when I open the door. She races down the stairs, banks around the [...]