Author Profile: Bonnie Kozek

Why did you decide to write this book? This is the second book in the Honey McGuinness hardboiled grunge thriller series. Honey is a damaged. She’s haunted by an abusive past, and her own criminal actions. She survives by detaching from life – by isolating herself – by trying to stay out of the path [...]


By Guest Blogger Bonnie Kozek When I meet someone who has read my hardboiled noir grunge crime thrillers I usually get a funny look.  Not funny-ha-ha.  It’s more like funny in a knowing-wink-and-nod-concurrent-with-an-uncomfortable “How do I get away from this girl?” kind of way.  When this occurs, I’m tempted to explain what I think is obvious: The novels are [...]

Book Excerpt: Unchain the Pain by Bob Livingstone

The Benefits of Self-questioning By the time you open this book, you may have already been through self-help groups, individual therapy, and whatever the latest trend or fad happens to be that promises you serenity. You may have obtained some solace from these activities, but you still feel like something is missing. You feel like [...]

The Inquire Within Program

By Guest Blogger Bob Livingstone In the beginning of the program, you are asked to find your internal safe space and create your calming musical play list.  Then you will be asked to complete all the exercises below. It is important for readers to create a safe space because feelings may come up during the [...]

Author Profile: Lee Harrington, Rex and the City

Why did you decide to write this book Rex and the City: TRUE TALES OF A RESCUE DOG WHO RESCUED A RELATIONSHIP? Rex and the City: TRUE TALES OF A RESCUE DOG WHO RESCUED A RELATIONSHIP started as a series in The Bark magazine in 2000. The column’s tag line then was: “the ongoing saga of a big [...]

Book Excerpt: Rex and the City, by Lee Harrington

The Hypochondriac’s Guide to Overprotective Dog Care Until I brought a dog into my life, I never considered myself to be a hypochondriac. Not when it came to myself, that is. If I were, say, bleeding from the palms and the eyeballs, that wouldn’t necessarily stop me from rushing out to Barney’s for their semiannual [...]

The Moment You Realize Your New Shelter Dog Loves You – Part III

By Guest Blogger Lee Harrington For a moment I stood there, seized with worry. The dog would fall off a cliff and get killed. The dog would get shot by an off-season hunter. The dog would get caught in a bear trap. The dog would get hit by a car. And it would be all my [...]

Author Profile: Suzan Battah, Mad About the Boy

Why did you decide to write this book? I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Mad About the Boy was developed in 1998 when I first started my Diploma in Professional Romance Writing with the Australian College of Journalism. Do you have any secret writing tips you’d like to share? Follow your dreams, practice heaps, [...]

Book Excerpt: Mad About the Boy, by Suzan Battah

Chapter One “Ah Dios, no otra vez. What is she doing here and how did she spot me from all the way over there?” Julia muttered under her breath. What horrible luck at running into Kelly, an unfortunate ex-friend. She had been harassing Julia for months. This harmless stalker was becoming a pain in her backside. “Julia,” [...]

Writing Romance, Being Single and Horoscopes

By Guest Blogger Suzan Battah It’s interesting that I’m such a big fan of romance as a reader. I’ve adored any books that incorporate some sort of romantic undertone since first reading the Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. So naturally, as a writer I have developed a passion for including romance in my stories, whether [...]