Tips on Introducing a New Cat Into Your Home

by Guest Blogger Holly Lewitas I did not set out to rescue cats. It started when I moved to Alabama and the neighborhood had what they called a “cat problem.” There were a lot of stray cats. It did not take long to realize that none of them were neutered or spayed. Everyone wanted the cats [...]

Tips For introducing a New Dog to a Houseful of Cats

by Guest Blogger Holly Lewitas If you have always had cats and now want a dog, you need to plan ahead. A dog’s natural instinct is to chase. A cat’s natural instinct is to stalk. Two different worlds. I recommend going to a shelter or animal rescue group that tests dogs to see their reaction to cats. [...]


by Guest Blogger Holly Lewitas Maybe you have a desire to write but you don’t know if you are any good or not. The first question I would ask is why do want to write? For me I write because it is fun. When I sit down and start writing I am never sure what will happen. It [...]

Book Excerpt from “The Nose Knows” by Holly Lewitas

CHAPTER 5 After her first encounter with Fearless and the zone, Mom became increasingly proficient at entering it. When humans are distracted their eyes shift, a part of their body fidgets, and their breathing changes. As I observed Mom, she was spending less time distracted and more time focused. Now when she got upset or [...]

Author Profile: Holly Lewitas

Holly Lewitas established a career as a registered nurse. In 1990, she appeared in “Who’s Who of American Women.” A lifelong animal lover, she has learned many valuable lessons from furry creatures. For more information, please visit Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. I have always loved to write, but the teacher’s [...]

Did Butch and Sundance Die in South America?

by Guest Blogger Charlie Mac The ultimate speculation. It’s quite probable Sundance did die in South America. There are few rumors and even fewer substantiated stories that he survived and lived a long life. But in Butch’s case—his sister aside—there are many stories that he lived until 1937. Given that Lula didn’t write her book until 1975 [...]

Did Butch and Sundance Jump Off the Cliff to Escape Lefors?

by Guest Blogger Charlie Mac The question should probably be did they ever jump off a cliff? Who knows. But given they apparently had no problem escaping posses, it’s not very likely. But it’s one of the best scenes in the movie. The question of whether or not Sundance could swim has never been answered. – Charlie Mac began [...]

Were Butch and Sundance Famous Outlaws?

by Guest Blogger Charlie Mac Not until the movie. They were small time—minor leaguers compared to Jesse James, Billy the Kid, John Wesley Hardin, and others. The most famous characters in western lore came from an earlier time, mostly after the Civil War. Butch and Sundance existed when the west was becoming more civilized…relatively speaking. – [...]

Book Excerpt from “Legends Lost” by Charlie Mac

CHAPTER IV Brannigan looked into Kindred‘s eyes. “I got a past…and some of it isn’t so good,” he said. Kindred reached for the whisky. “You might say I hooked up with the wrong folks,” said Brannigan. “You might even say it was them others who made me do some bad things. Course…if you did…you’d be [...]

Author Profile: Charlie Mac

Charlie Mac began writing as a second, or perhaps, third career. His first careers were as a marketing executive and entrepreneur. Charlie was born and raised in Southern California, where he grew up playing sports. He graduated from Cal Poly State University in Pomona, California, and went into business before starting his own company. For more information, please visit Q. Why did you decide to [...]