Author Profile: K.M. Ryan

K. M. Ryan holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. In addition, she is the web developer and writer for eight websites including Best US Romantic and Pennsylvania Vacations She has written and published numerous books including eBooks on a variety of topics, children’s books and a relationship book focusing on Christian principles for [...]

Book Excerpt From ‘Greetings From Above: Proof of Life After Death’ by K.M. Ryan

Introduction “Greetings From Above – Proof of Life After Death” introduces readers to the world of life after death including after death communications and contact from deceased family and friends. After death communications and contact take on a variety of forms including seeing the deceased, hearing their voice, feeling them touch you, smelling their cologne, [...]

The Sliding Door

by Guest Blogger K.M. Ryan I got attacked by a door. Yes, a door. A heavy, automatic sliding door. Our local mall attracts walkers in the morning before the mall opens. It was Sunday morning, about 9:30, and I decided a nice walk around the mall was in order. I used to walk at the mall [...]

The Tape Measure

by Guest Blogger K.M. Ryan He loved working on cars and projects around the house. He loved remodeling. He loved tools. He kept his workbench and all his tools in the garage. There was just enough room carved out to fit the car in. There was the electric saw, the manual saw and the electric drills. [...]

Pretty Boy

by Guest Blogger K.M. Ryan At the beginning of 2009, it was discovered I had an abdominal mass; a cyst they thought. A rather large cyst around the size of a cantalope. 75% of these types of cysts were non-malignant, and I needed surgery right away. I sat in the doctor’s waiting room, not knowing what [...]

Landing a Book Deal

by Guest Blogger Andrew Rafkin Many first-time authors attempt to get published by sending off hundreds of query letters to literary agents in hopes that one will be interested in representing him/her, and will promote their manuscript to big publishing houses for review, and hopefully a contract to publish their book. Meanwhile, they sit around waiting months for the dreaded rejection notices.  I was [...]

The Value of a Good Editor

by Guest Blogger Andrew Rafkin A new writer finishes his first book, confident that the manuscript is error free and complete. Now it’s time to get an agent, get the book published, and make a ton of money. So he or she writesa query letter, and sends or emails a couple of hundred to prospective agents. Then the rejectionletters come back, one stating that the fifteen pages [...]

A Sneak Peek at ‘Reaper 6′

by Guest Blogger Andrew Rafkin I just finished my next book Reaper 6, the true story of Staff Sergeant Larry FitzGerald, the leader of a thirty-man black ops team that was deployed to Vietnam in 1966. After three tours, and receiving eleven Purple Hearts, Larry returned to the States unable to adjust to our society, along with most of the veterans coming home from [...]

Book Excerpt from “Angel’s Gate” by Andrew Rafkin

A couple of weeks went by since the incident at the Hot ’N Tot. August, Diz, and the Nietos’ nephew, Little Chucky, were sitting at a table at the Jet Strip Club on Aviation Boulevard, close to LAX. August was going over some business with the club’s owner, Big Mac “Horse” McKenna, who was a [...]

Author Profile: Andrew J. Rafkin

Andrew J. Rafkin, was born in 1946 in San Pedro, California, grew up in a commercial fishing family. He served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and later graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with degrees in economics and marketing. Louis Pagono, was born 1947, in San Pedro, California. He worked on the docks on [...]