Everyone Is Included

by Guest Blogger Ernest Clement

My book, which curiously enough I have named The Book of Ernest, has a lot to say about God, and for that reason can be very disconcerting for some people. This is also curious, because my first name is “Ernest,” and I have the same visceral distaste for anybody talking to me about “God” as you may have. The religious believers who clog the public discourse with their views on “God” tend to be insufferable, I am sorry to say. In fact, many of our concerned and thinking citizens are so offended by those who talk of their “religion” that I think it is fair to say that for them “God” has been given a bad name. These folks may be very moral and caring, even spiritual in the practice of their lives, but “God” is a kind of outmoded idea that is no longer useful. Giving them comfort and company, we have some very learned, highly intelligent academics and purveyors of current thought who argue that there is no “God.” And, of course, they are impossible to refute because there is no proof that God exists, except in your own personal experience. If your will is to have faith that a Creator of Life does exist, your experience will confirm your faith. In matters of the spirit, our faith is a precondition for knowing.

At any rate, I find many of those folks who want to publicly discuss their “religion” and their thoughts about “God” not to my liking because they seem arrogant, or ignorant, or off in fluffy clouds of misinformation and ungrounded speculation. So how is it that I find myself talking about “God” and where does that leave you, my reader?

I felt an urgent need I volunteered to fill. Midway through the century just past, mankind received a revelation, the fifth revelation to our world thus far, in the form of a book entitled, The Urantia Book. Urantia is the name of our world. This book is a very serious, detailed communication from a group of celestial personalities, some of whom affirm that they know God personally, have been in His immediate personal presence many times, and know whereof they speak. Among other personalities giving us this revelation, there are some who have been here with us on our world, and who have witnessed personally the whole of our history. They speak to us with great authority. Our common culture knows almost nothing of this book. The Urantia Book is an epochal event, but at over 2,000 pages, and dense with detail, it is not easy to penetrate. The big picture of this new revelation is not hard to see, but assembling that picture can be difficult. One of the urgent needs I volunteered to fill was to paint the big picture of the revelation for a wider audience.

Not long after the revelation, midway through the last half of the century just past, mankind received a second communication, which if anything is even more of an epochal event than the revelation. This book is a miracle, and is entitledA Course in Miracles. The book A Course in Miracles is a first person communication from the personality who can declare of himself, without boasting, that “time and space are under my control.” These two books, which are both epochal events in my opinion, are ​connected in this way: The Urantia Book identifies the first person who is communicating to us in A Course in Miracles. There are a great many people reading the book, A Course in Miracles, but not many have detailed knowledge ofThe Urantia Book. The second urgent need I volunteered to fill was to make the connection between these two books. By “epochal event,” I mean that these two communications fundamentally change our history. The heavens have opened up, and we have received new and better information than ever before, authoritative information, about who we are and our place in the universe.

So what makes my talking about “God” in my book different from all those folks mired in confusion who so often give Him such a bad name? I believe I am relying on the highest authority, which has been overlooked by the mass culture. And do you need to have any particular beliefs about God or religion to appreciate my message? Most emphatically not! You do not have to believe in God, or subscribe to any particular religion to have a whopping good time reading my book. I will introduce you to a new world that most of you have never dreamed of, and your spirits will be lifted. I am asking that you undertake a joyous adventure with me, so be not of faint heart. Have courage. I promise you the rewards will be many. The message I bring is of hope and clarity for all humanity.

Ernest Clement has written his first book, The Book of Ernest, which is intended to be a spiritual primer for the New Age for everyone. He has consciously lived that life, as a father, a civil servant, and student of our times. Heattended graduate school in English for three years, giving him extensive exposure to the English language. For more information, please visit www.ernestclement.com.

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