Guest Blog: Xavier Arnold

I wrote The Best Real Estate Investing Method…Ever! as a personal response to what I felt were abuses going on in the real estate investing business. Clients would tell me how much money they had spent on seminars, courses, and mentoring programs. One client, a single mom, spent $25,000 some of which she had to borrow to take a course she’d seen on late night television on how to buy mortgage notes. After two years she has yet to buy a single note and only recently paid the $25,000 loan she took out back!

The same thing happened to me in the late eighties. I spent over three thousand dollars on training that couldn’t deliver what it promised.

I wrote The Best Real Estate Investing Method…Ever! so that other people won’t waste valuable time and money on real estate investment methods that don’t work. The book will teach people how to invest in real estate successfully without spending a fortune. The book outlines what they need to know and what they must do to succeed in real estate. There’s no hype, no pie-in-the-sky theories about how to get rich quick. Instead I present how savvy investors make their money in the real world.

I wrote the book so others won’t have to waste time, money, and defer their dreams like I did. I wrote this book for the frustrated real estate investor. The Best Real Estate Investing Method…Ever! puts success literally in my reader’s hands.

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