The Most Romantic Thing

by Guest Blogger Lindsay Hall

What is the most romantic thing that ever happened to you?

I’ll bet you have your own answer to that, and I’d love to hear it. Because everyone’s idea of romance is different, I suppose.

My husband, Ed, is not an overtly romantic person. He was never the type of guy who would get down on one knee to propose to me in public, having slipped a diamond ring into my champagne flute.Honestly, I’m glad about that. I’d probably have swallowed the ring.

You’ll get what I mean about Ed when I tell you how he actually did propose, if you can call it that.

We were two single people, living in Manhattan, and we had been dating for quite awhile with never any discussion about long-term plans. One day, we were having a sandwich at a coffee shop when Eddropped a bombshell. He told me he was planning to leave the city. He had purchased an acre of land in East Hampton, a hundred miles out on the far eastern end of Long Island, and was going to move there. East Hampton, he said, was the prettiest town in New York State. (I know, I know. Those of youwho live in other pretty towns in New York State will protest. But East Hampton is certainly beautiful, and that had been Ed’s conclusion about it.)

“Well!” I said, shaken but trying not to show it. “Don’t think you’re going to come back into the city from time to time and call me, because I’m going to be busy!” (The nerve of him, just walking out on me like that. I’d show him!)

“Aren’t you coming with me?” he said.

Well, that pretty much threw me for a loop. “I don’t know,” I said. “Am I?”

When I got back to my apartment, I called my friend Erna. I told her what had happened and said, “I don’t know if I just got a proposal or a proposition.”

Turns out it was a proposal. We got married, built a house in East Hampton, and lived there a long time. And East Hampton is beautiful.

But don’t say that Ed isn’t romantic, just because he does things in his own inimitable way. For example, I have gotten stuck in my car any number of times. Once, the gas tank sprang a leak. More than once I got caught in a snow storm. One time, I left my car at the office when I went on a business trip and left the lights on. When I got back the battery was deader than dead. And what did I always do in those circumstances? Call AAA? Never. I always called Ed, who would come and rescue me. That’s pretty romantic.

When we were dating, I told Ed I loved dogs and wished I could have one, but I didn’t feel I could care for a dog in the city. So he got me a kitten. That’s pretty romantic.

On our wedding day, when we brought our guests back to his apartment for champagne after the ceremony, he had pink roses there to match my wedding dress. That’s pretty romantic.

Another romantic thing was something no one else might think was romantic at all. We had just started dating. It was December, and I didn’t have any proper winter boots. Ed bought me a pair.Really good boots. Fur-lined. Kept my feet warm and dry and cozy all winter.

So do I care that he never hired an airplane to drag a banner with my name on it across the sky? That he never put my picture up on a screen in the end zone of a football stadium? That he never sang a love song outside my window? No, I’d rather have the memories I do. Ed rescuing me from a storm.Ed fussing over our kitten. Ed finding roses to match my dress. Ed buying me boots because he wanted me to have warm feet.

Which of those was the most romantic? At first, I thought I would choose the boots. But then I thought, no. The most romantic thing was Ed saying, “Aren’t you coming with me?”

Lindsay Hall was born in Ohio; has lived in Switzerland, New York City, Hudson Valley, New Jersey, Boston, and Long Island, NY. Her “checkered career” has included stints as a New York City public school teacher, a cigarette girl at the Copacabana, a textbook editor, and a deputy to the Governor of New York. Ms. Hall and her husband currently live in Virginia, but they met, married, and lived for a number of years on Long Island, the setting for all of her romance novels so far. For more information, please visit

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