The Politics of Fear

by Guest Blogger Ernest Clement

Most of us here in America think of ourselves as the wealthiest nation on earth. Then why are so many of our citizens so impoverished? We have tens of millions of our citizens who are hungry. We have tens of millions of our young whoare not educated for the rigors of the twenty-first century. “Tens of millions” is an understatement. Maybe a third of our young folk are adequately educated, another third educated to be functional but not particularly successful, whereas the bottom third is grievously disadvantaged, which is a problem that spirals down through generations. Is this the hallmark of the wealthiest nation on earth?

Part of the explanation, I think, lies in the fact that the wealthy elite of our civilization circulates almost exclusively among their own kind and does not see theplight of the masses. They surround themselves with success and make believe this is the norm.

What are they thinking? This is important, because often we are subject to decisions by the wealthy elite that affect the welfare of the whole body politic. Theyapparently think they are different and more deserving. How else could they justify to themselves that we have so many left out, in such distress? How else, for instance, can they explain the meagerness of our national minimum wage? Anyonedepending on that wage for full support would be hungry and homeless.

To think we are different is to fear that in the eyes of God we are the same.When I use the word “God,” I am referring to the Source of all that is, which isbeyond gender differentiation. Those who think they are different are fearful, because if we are all the same in the eyes of God, there is no justification for thegrotesque inequity in the distribution of wealth we find today.

Are we the same in the eyes of God? Of course we are! We are all His children. And God loves His children with Equal Love. And it does not matter who you think you are, or what you think you believe, or even whether you think you believe in Him or not. It does not matter what you think your “sins” are, or how virtuous you think you are. There is nothing we do, or do not do, by which we gain His favor.

We have His favor by virtue of our creation, and His favor will not be withdrawn, no matter what! I might accuse you of some failing, and think your failing is yours alone, and that I have God’s favor because I do not have the failing I think I see in you. But I do not have God’s favor because of any behavior of mine, and He does not withdraw His favor from you because of any behavior of yours. His favor is given, wholly and without condition, to all of us.

Now it is undoubtedly true that we are happy, or unhappy, as a consequence of our behavior, but none of this, either our happiness or unhappiness, can detract from Perfection, and God is Perfection. God is lonely when His children are unhappy and do not know Him; but His Will, and our will, too, is that we unite with Him, in Paradise, and we can accept that as inevitable. What God wills, happens, not in time, but in eternity.

How does all this relate to our wealthy elite, who think they are different and more deserving? Our wealthy elite is in a state of fear, because if they are wrong, if God really loves us with Equal Love and they do not deserve theirspecialness, then those disadvantaged masses have suffered at their hands, and that suffering may come back home to them. What we do, we do to ourselves. We cannot ​escape the fear that our treatment of others may someday boomerang back to us. Because in our heart of hearts, we know God loves everyone, and how can we expect His blessings when we do not love those whom He loves? We are His creation, and even if some of us do not behave to increase our happiness, He still loves His creation and is pleased with His creation.

In the political arena, how does the fear-ridden, wealthy elite behave? Theelite worries about their own kind first and want to secure the welfare of thosewith the means and wherewithal to help themselves. They want to pile riches on riches. Conspicuously, the wealthy elite sees little interest in securing the welfare of the two groups of our citizenry who are least able to fend for themselves: the young and the elderly.

Consider our young folk. In America, “the land of the free,” we incarcerate our young folk in greater numbers than any civilization on planet earth. The elitefears that the young will not docilely bear the burden of being denied the fruits of prosperity, and to keep them subjugated they will deny their freedom for the most flimsy of excuses. By arresting and confining so many of our young folk, we are creating and perpetuating a permanent underclass.

As far as educating our young, here the fearful elite is working actively to undermine our civilization. They fear that an educated populace would divine what a raw deal they are getting and rebel. So now the elite proposes to divert funding from our public schools to charter schools and private schools. The wealthy eliteeducates their own children in private schools and has no real interest in the publiceducation. Their own children will receive the best education money can buy.Rather than a service for the public good, the elite views education as anopportunity for private profit.

For their higher education, our children are now expected to indebt themselves personally; collectively, their debt is now a trillion dollars and a bonanza for the banks. We are transferring public support for education to a private expense for individuals. Our state public universities receive less and less of their funding from our states, and must partner with the private interest of wealthy corporations, which is also true of our wealthy private universities. Lost in this partnership is the disinterested search for truth.

What about our elderly? The elite declares that our society cannot affordSocial Security, our retirement plan, or Medicare, our plan of medical assistance forthe aged and disabled. Once again the elite sees an opportunity for private profitrather than a shared responsibility. The elite does not see a public interest in securing compassionate care for everyone in their old age or in providing the means to pass from this life with dignity.

What are the politics of fear abroad? Those of us in the English-speaking world, at least since the Magna Carta of 1215, have sought to limit the arbitrary power of the executive over the lives of ordinary people; but since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, we Americans have ceded our power back to the executive in ways that defy understanding. Under false pretenses, to protect ourselves from nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, we fearfully embarked on a trillion dollar war in Iraq that has cost untold lives and destroyed an ancient civilization. What needs of humanity have gone unmet to wage this war? And now, under the guise of fighting terrorism and defending our freedoms, we give toexecutive authority the power to detain and confine for the duration of their livesanyone suspected of terrorism, even citizens of our own country, with no due process or evidence presented in any court. The global elite is engaged in “The ​War Against Humanity” both at home and abroad, which can only be arrested by the awakening of the people. See The Book of Ernest for further discussion.

“The only sovereignty on earth resides in thefellowship of mankind.” –The Book of Ernest, p. 318 

Are we free when we have ceded the power of the people to an unconstrainedexecutive?

Under any imagined threat, we will attack first, preemptively. We useimpersonal drones overseas to target our enemies and accept the collateral damage to civilians as regrettable publicity. Since we have the most lethal military on the planet, why do we feel threatened? I submit it is because we think we are different, or special, or exceptional. Consequently, we are fearful and feel compelled to fortify ourselves against intrusions from “inferior”cultures and peoples. This feeling is born out of our ignorance of our shared humanity and our common fate. We cannot thrive as a civilization allowing so few to flourish and so many to suffer. It is true that in the eyes of God, we are the same. To think we are different, or special, is to fear that God loves His children with Equal Love. Of course, He does: with Love, whole and impartial.

Ernest Clement has written his first book, The Book of Ernest, which is intended to be a spiritual primer for the New Age for everyone. He has consciously lived that life, as a father, a civil servant, and student of our times. Heattended graduate school in English for three years, giving him extensive exposure to the English language. For more information, please visit

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