Author Interview: Gary Rodriguez – Purpose-Centered Public Speaking

Q. Tell us a little bit about your book.

A. The book is designed to help aspiring and active public speakers develop and hone their preparation, presentation, and public speaking skills. Purpose-Centered Public Speaking teaches a simple and systematic approach to public speaking. My goal was to help readers to learn an approach to public speaking that they could use to prepare and present a talk on virtually any subject.

Q. What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it?

A. Sooner or later most of us will be asked or forced to speak in a public setting. Purpose-Centered Public Speaking prepares speakers for that eventuality. It thrills me to think that I can help aspiring and active speakers improve their speaking skills.

Q. How long did the book take you from start to finish?

A. It took me about one year from the time I outlined the book until it was completed.

Q. What aspect of writing the book did you find particularly challenging?

A. In the book I wanted to show practical examples highlighting the principles I teach. I had to do quite a bit of research to find helpful examples that would benefit the reader.

Q. What surprised you the most about the book writing process?

A. How easy it was to write because of my passion and experience related to public speaking.

Q. Did you have any favorite experiences when writing your book?

A. So many people I respect were excited about endorsing my book like Brent Jones former S.F. 49er, Randy Hahn the San Jose Sharks play-by-play TV announcer, and several key business leaders.

Q. What do you hope your readers will gain from reading your book?

A. My goal is to teach readers “How to Develop and Deliver Purposeful Talks, Speeches, and Presentations with Less Fear and More Confidence.”

Q. What projects are you currently working on?

A. In addition to promoting my book, I have created a Purpose-Centered Public Speaking Workbook designed for use in one day Purpose-Centered Public Speaking Workshops. These will be taught in organizational, educational, and corporate settings. These workshops allow me to teach the principles in the book by way of a hand’s on experience that results in participants creating their own Purpose-Centered talk.

Q. Is writing your sole career? If not, what else do you do?

A. I am the founder and president of LeaderMetrix ( LeaderMetrix is a consulting company that specializes in senior-level executive coaching, conflict resolution, and training and mentoring public speakers.

Q. What inspired you to create a work of non-fiction?

A. After many years of public speaking and working with presenters I felt this book would be a practical and useful tool for speakers. People are often thrust into situations where public speaking is required. Yet, few of them are adequately prepared or trained in this area. In addition, public speaking makes most people fearful. I wanted to demystify the subject and help readers to learn to speak with less fear and more confidence.

Q. Did you do any research for your books, or did you write from experience?

A. Although most of the book is written from personal experience, I also did research. As mentioned earlier, I spent time searching for practical examples that I could use throughout the book to illuminate the principles I teach.

Q. How did you come up with your title?

A. I looked for a title that condensed the book down to a simple yet key principle. Purpose-Centered Public Speaking reflects the core message of the book and informs the reader in a concise way of the book’s subject matter.

Q. What books have influenced you the most?

A. John Maxwell

Q. Who was your publisher and why did you choose them?

A. After extensive investigation and numerous meetings, I decided to use LeaderMetrix. Recognizing that this would be the first in a series of many books I decided to build a publishing arm to my company. So far, the benefits have far outweighed the associated challenges.

Q. Is there anything we haven’t covered that you would like to include?

A. I am convinced that my military background and the experience of battling with fear in a combat setting equips me to understand how to deal with acute fear. Although public speakers are not usually being fired upon, many of them feel a similar level of fear as if they were in a combat setting.

About the author: Gary Rodriguez’s extensive resume includes a season in the U.S. Army where he was highly decorated as the youngest Drill Instructor in the Army’s history at age 18. He was also awarded the Silver Star (the nation’s third highest award for valor) while serving in Viet Nam. He spent 18 years in the radio business as a successful executive including several years as VP with Infinity Broadcasting and Mariner Communications.

Gary was also twice nominated as radio manager of the year by a national media publication. He has functioned successfully as both a CEO and a President and understands the issues and challenges facing today’s leaders. He is uniquely qualified to work within organizations and with leaders at all levels and is an experienced expert in senior-level Conflict Resolution. He is also the author of “Purpose-Centered Public Speaking,” a book that helps speakers develop and deliver purposeful, talks, speeches, and presentations with less fear and more confidence. To learn more, please visit:

About the book: Purpose-Centered Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered why some public speakers are so successful while others are not?

What do they know and do that is different from the rest?

Great speakers understand and employ many of the proven principles contained in this book. The good news is that you too can learn and apply these very same principles and improve as a public speaker.

Purpose-Centered Public Speaking helps you develop as a presenter by showing you some ways to deal with anxieties and fears related to speaking in public. It also demonstrates how to develop and deliver purposeful talks, speeches, and presentations that get planned results.

Here you will find a clear and systematic approach to speaking that is easy to follow. This simple yet comprehensive method will equip you with all you need to improve and enhance your public communication. Whether you are an aspiring speaker or an active presenter, this book will encourage and enrich you.

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