Skylar Pharaon – Constellation Libra

Q: What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it?

Author: The most exciting element of Constellation Libra-Life After Earth is that the planets mentioned in the novel are true astronomical discoveries and that life after earth is quite possible.  I chose this specific topic to get people thinking about the possibility of life outside our solar system.

Q: How long did the book take you from start to finish?

Author: About a year and a half.

Q: What aspect of writing the book did you find particularly challenging?

Author: The creation of conflict was extremely challenging because my book references various cultures, and countries on a global scale.  Creating conflict does not come easily for me because in diplomatic works, I am normally finding solutions and compromises.

Q: What surprised you the most about the book writing process?

Author: In writing this book, I discovered that I have very little patience with my mind.  Patience is vital when your mind is conjuring its next vision.  Writers must wait for their epiphanies.  Inspiration is impossible to force.

Q: Did you have any favorite experiences when writing your book?

Author: When I was writing this book, I enjoyed walking through the hallways of the Smithsonian Museums and attending lectures at the Library of Congress.  My most favorite experience was when I was conducting the research on the most habitable planets discovered over the past decade.  As I went through the data for each of the planets, I felt like I was shopping around for a new home for the entire human race!

Q: What do you hope your readers will gain from reading your book?

Author: My greatest hope for readers of Constellation Libra L.A.E is that they walk away from the book with the realization that humans are resilient beings, and when faced with challenges, we are survivors and have the will to battle the odds.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

Author: I am currently working on a screenplay.

Q: Did you do any research for your books, or did you write from experience?

Author: My travels abroad and research in Washington DC enabled me to write this book.

Q: How did you come up with your title?

Author: I chose the title, Constellation Libra-Life After Earth, because it is in the Libran Galaxy where the actual earth-like planets reside.  The title puts readers on a map to where future generations may travel or live.

Q: What tips would you offer to anyone writing fiction for the first time?

Author: Find your voice and write with purpose.  As a first time fiction author, envision the story in your mind scene by scene, conflict by conflict.  If you’ve never written any fiction in your life, consider attending fiction writer workshops.

Q: What books have influenced you the most?

Author: William Goldman’s Princess Bride; Neil Gaiman Stardust; Tony Penikett Reconciliation

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