Author Profile – Wayne Hatford

Q. Why did you decide to write this book?

A. I was inspired to write this book, knew it was something I had to do almost immediately upon starting to channel Valentino’s essence. Not only that, I realized, early on, that the material is outstanding and wanted to share it.

Q. Do you have any secret writing tips you’d like to share?

A. Just the tried and true. Focus on the NOW, which is to say wherever you are at in the process. Edit, edit and then edit again. Most really polished pieces of writing have been subject to 10 or 15 edits and/or look-sees. Follow your hunches and write them down. It’s been my experience that sometimes when you least expect it, the perfect word or sentence will come to mind.

Also, do not be afraid to show your work to others and solicit feedback. And, keep a little notebook handy in the car so that when you get an inspiration (often happens to me when I’m driving) you can pull over and jot it down.

Q. Tell us a quirky or funny story about you!

A. This is definitely quirky! I have a penchant for things Victorian, specifically the styles of the 1880′s, so much so that I have invested a lot of time and money in creating an almost museum-like environment for my living space. My choosing to do this is especially out of place in Palm Springs, which is known for being one of the cradles of modernism, both in terms of architecture and decorative arts. So what will you see should you visit me? Victoriana, in all its splendor!

Q. Have you ever battled writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

A. Yes, of course. My advice to take a short break when you encounter a block. I tend to do one of two things: take a shower or a bath, either of which often act as a catalyst by fostering some new ideas about what I’m working on or I go to a movie and immerse myself in the ‘reality’ on the screen as a way to re-group and prime the creative pump.

Q. What’s your favorite quote?

A. “This above all, to thine ownself be true.” – Wm. Shakespeare.

Q. Who inspires you the most?

A. Anyone who is physically handicapped in some way or another yet chooses to make nothing of it, living his or her life to the fullest, with smiles and a dash of insouciance.

About the author: Wayne Hatford is a teacher, writer, editor and author dedicated to bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical worlds. Born in the Midwest, he has lived on both coasts of the US while also traveling extensively, spending significant amounts of time in Chile, France, Spain and Italy. It is Italy, however, the birthplace of Rudolph Valentino, where he feels a special rapport and, in scholarly pursuits, has visited multiple sites associated with the “Great Lover.”

Wayne speaks French, Spanish, Italian and English, the languages in which Valentino himself was conversant. As a result, he was able to provide Valentino with the perfect palette, allowing him to share his thoughts with the same texture and vibrancy he employed during his last incarnation.

A life-long student of metaphysics and transformation whose previous book, Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane is available via several major online book sellers and, Wayne holds an M.A. in international administration and has both taught in public school and been a personal property appraiser. Wayne Hatford now resides in Palm Springs, California where he and the essence of Rudolph Valentino are currently collaborating on another writing project. For more, visit

About the book: One of the greatest lovers the world has ever known returns to the spotlight as gifted teacher and metaphysician. Rudolph Valentino shares his wisdom from beyond.

Valentino Speaks addresses 180 topics in a series of gem-like vignettes organized alphabetically by subject matter. They are all brief and very much to the point, ranging from the mundane to the esoteric to the spiritual and are presented with sparkling clarity.

As to the purpose of this work, Valentino, himself, says…“we are always in need of a little fine-tuning. That is what this book promotes, if one wishes to avail oneself of it. A sharpening of the senses, an uptick in awareness, an even better understanding of the beauty of soul, those are the attributes of Valentino Speaks.”

This book provides both a fascinating read and an enjoyable journey in consciousness. Start at A and proceed through to Z, or use it as a meditation, picking a page or topic at random each day. Whatever your method, you are about to embark on a remarkable  voyage, exploring this world… and the next…in stellar company. Welcome aboard and buon viaggio!

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