Author Profile: Jeremy Wagner

Q. Why did you decide to write this book?

Answer: I had the idea for The Armageddon Chord book as far back as 2001 or so. Before this, I was writing horror short-stories and horror-lyrics for my old band, Broken Hope. In the late ‘90’s, I finished my first novel, a 90,000-word tale about a talking sea-monster. This giant mess-of-a-trainwreck novel had already gone on to be a New York Times Bestseller and Pulitzer Prize Winner—IN MY HEAD! Haha. Back around that time I went to the Maui Writer’s Conference in an effort to pitch a novel to agents. I ended up meeting a couple of great and reputable literary agents who suggested I write “what I know,” and that’s how The Armageddon Chord began. I had an idea about writing about a guitarist before this, so once the seed was planted my story and characters took off on their own and The Armageddon Chord became a reality.

Q. Do you have any secret writing tips you’d like to share?

Answer: Sure, and these tips may not be so secret as I believe all good writers adhere to them. That said, to fledgling writers, I advise being honest to yourself and to your writing. Always tell the truth with your fiction. As Stephen King says, “Fiction is the truth inside the lie.” If you can figure that out, you’re on your way. Also, WRITE WHAT YOU WANT. Don’t force yourself to write what someone says is the “hot new thing” or for the sake of whatever’s popular. You’ll do yourself a disservice as a writer and it won’t be as much fun as writing from the heart with your own ideas.

Q. Tell us a quirky or funny story about you!

Answer: When I was a toddler, I got my head stuck in one of those old metal milk-cans and the fire-department had to come and lube my neck and head in order to pop me out. If that wasn’t bad enough, my dad was a volunteer for the fire-department and his fellow firemen cracked on my dad for a good while after that.

Q. Have you ever battled writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

Answer: I’ve only had it back in the days when I was mostly writing lyrics and music for my old band, Broken Hope. My solution was to get away from the creative arena and go for a long drive or a long walk. The change of scenery, reflective thinking, deep breaths…it all helped me refocus and come back to my “art” with a clear head and enthusiasm as well.

Q. What’s your favorite quote?

Answer“Truth titillates the imagination far less than fiction.”Marquis de Sade

Q. Who inspires you the most?

Answer: In the past, great authors who I voraciously read (Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Peter Blauner, Thomas Harris, etc.) all had a major influence on me and inspired me in profound ways. But as I now enter into the writing of my 5th novel (yes, I now have more completed novels since The Armageddon Chord), I find that rather than authors I love, it’s little and big things—real things or events in life—that inspire me. My mind is pretty darn fertile, and all it takes is a tiny seed of an idea to be planted there…then my imagination takes over and that seed grows into great things called stories and books.

About the Author:

*Jeremy Wagner has thousands of worldwide fans who worship his words. Wagner has written lyrics to
more than 70 published songs along with recording six albums, two MTV videos, and touring in 16 countries with his bands, Broken Hope and Lupara.

*Over the last decade, Wagner has focused his artistic passion primarily in writing fiction. Wagner has been published in RIP Magazine, Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Metal Edge, Microhorror and various works of short fiction published through Perseus Books, St. Martin’s Press, and Ravenous Romance Publishers. Wagner was writing a quarterly column for the music webzine, Chronicles of Chaos. Jeremy’s column, “Jeremy Wagner’s Grotesque Blessings” was a hit with music fans and writers alike. The content of this column will show up in future blogs on his official website:

*Wagner is represented by literary agent, Dawn Dowdle of the Blue Ridge Literary Agency. Dowdle represents Wagner’s novel, The Armageddon Chord, and in December of 2010, the book was picked up by kRP Publishing. This thriller involves a guitarist who finds himself caught between the forces of good and evil. The novel will be released in bookstores on August 22nd, 2011.

*In 2010, Wagner was invited as a guest at HorrorFind 2010 in Gettysburg, PA.  He read an excerpt from a new story of his and opened an impressive reading schedule that included such legendary horror authors as: Joe R. Lansdale, Brian Keene and Jack Ketchum.

*Wagner’s appearance at HorrorFind was a success and he’s fast becoming established as a serious force in the horror/thriller genre. Wagner’s 2010 writer’s schedule has covered such conventions as Necon, Book Expo America, Festival of Fear, HorrorFind, and Bouchercon.

*In the summer of 2010, Wagner became an official, Affiliate member of the Horror Writer’s Association (HWA).
Wagner’s most recent published works include the short-story, Romance Ain’t Dead, which appears as the first story in the zombie-romance anthology, Hungry For Your Love (St. Martin’s Press), and the short-story, The Creatures From Craigslist in the anthology, Fangbangers: An Erotic Anthology of Fangs, Claws, Sex and Love (Ravenous Romance Publishing).

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