Chapter Excerpt: Valentino Speaks

Valentino Speaks

by Wayne Hatford

Creating Personal Reality

As sparks of the energy that is God we continually create, whether we can see immediate results or not. It is our task to do so. The point is that we create our own realities. Things don’t just happen out of the blue. In some way or other we had to have been instrumental in making them occur. Shakespeare, in his wisdom, summed it all up when he wrote our remedies in ourselves do lie which we ascribe to Heaven. We will everything that happens in our lives ~ within the framework of relevant cause and effect and, of course, our respective life scripts. Therefore, we might do well to think of ourselves as perpetual perpetrators in the very best sense of that phrase.

In the Astral, each and every thought has a noticeable result or instantaneous consequence. What fun it is to play with that! You, too, shall have your chance. In the Earth Plane, on the other hand, we often feel more removed from the consequences of our creating, especially as they relate to the larger trends in our lives. Because this is the case, we may not always fully realize to what extent our thoughts are imaging the IS of our WHAT IS.

Most of us do understand that showing up at our jobs and working hard every day will create a paycheck at the end of the month. However, we do not always understand the fact that erroneous thoughts or warped thinking patterns could have troublesome or possibly even dire effects on our personal circumstances.

The power of I AM is not always properly recognized or sometimes even acknowledged. Whereas “I AM” is the most powerful statement in the Universe.

The Creator said, says and will say I AM as a constant. Each I AM intersects and loops into the next, creating an energetic chain and thereby forming the multi-dimensional canvas of the All That Is. The never ending declaration I AM creates WHAT IS. There is never a time or a space when the Creator’s I AM is not. Such reverberations are the stuff of the Universe. I am using the term Universe here in order to attempt to concretize the vastness that is the ALL IN ALL so that it might be better understood.

Soul Entities are the channels through which the Creator’s I AM is differentiated into form. Therefore, it is a given that we, as reflections of the Creator, also frequently declare I AM. However, we sometimes have gaps in the continuity of our statements or we may choose unproductive wording. Ah yes, here’s one of the rubs of incarnation. Be careful how you program your I AM statements. Do note the frequency and consistency of what you say. To create constructive outcomes, I AM statements have to be constructive. They must also be firmly anchored on the ‘stage’ by no dearth of repetition. Therefore, be consistent and positive, as well as relatively frequent, as you declare yourself to be who and what you are.

Of course, you also have to be aware of what you do not want to create in order to create what you do want. But, as a rule, it is not wise to encourage deconstruction by incorporating self-defeating or pejorative chatter into your personal statements of being.  Instead, empower, build and enhance. If you accentuate the positive, that is what you will create. I AM ______________.  Fill in the blank with only the most positive and creative of words in order to promote the kind of reality you truly deserve to experience.

The personality often wants to insert words into our I AM statements that express temporary frustration, low self esteem or facets of what some might call image management. However, do not go there. Be aware of how the things you say affect your life. What you say, both to yourself and others, creates an ongoing, ever-manifesting network of events exactly mirroring the tenor and import of your words. Words have power. In fact, they are power ~ in encapsulated form. Choose them assiduously, avoiding verbal pitfalls. Create what you truly want to create by knowing that your thoughts and words are continually imaging the reality you experience on a daily basis.

To truly be all that you can, you must, as much as is possible, verbalize what is creative and most powerfully constructive. By choosing to know that only good reigns, it will.  This is what’s known as the power of positive thinking. Its virtues have been extolled by many people, from Mary Baker Eddy in my life-time to Wayne Dyer in yours.

Name what you want to create:  I AM healthy;  I AM wise;  I AM aware;  I AM fortunate;  I AM resourceful;  I AM strong;  I AM happy;  I AM wealthy;  I AM generous;  I AM loving;  I AM grateful and so forth. Become what you seek and so shall it be. The idea is: I can be what I will to be.

During each incarnation, the real work is found in creating the quality of life the soul truly needs for all to be as it should. To ensure that you create the life that you desire, be certain to visualize only what you want, seeing whatever that may be as either on its way or already part of your reality. If instead you choose to support your fears, you may end up making them real. Remember: we will be tomorrow what we think today. Our future circumstances depend on it.

So do your part. Our environments always reflect conditions that correlate with our predominant attitudes and thinking patterns. Never limit yourself. When you frame your ideas in negative trappings, it is just the same as purposefully inhibiting what may come. In the world of cause and effect, a negative statement is like a gigantic stop sign whereas its opposite will often give us a green light. Then too, be willing to consecrate yourself to any important task. Positive results will grow in proportion to your dedication. After all, pequeños comienzos tienen grandes fines ~ the Spanish equivalent of “big oaks from little acorns grow.”

Whenever you see your dreams coming true, acknowledge them by declaring it so. By simply stating ‘my dream is coming true’ when you perceive that such is the case you are invoking a powerful prayer, one that supports the continued unfolding of the reality related to that particular set of circumstances.

All realities that ever were or shall be already exist. The specific combination of personal realities projecting themselves on your viewing screen at any one time is a product of the concentration of your attention, desire, will power and thinking patterns.

In the big picture, remember that Universal Mind, in expressing itself, maintains and prospers our endeavors. Because it is both infinite and omnipotent, it always brings people and circumstances together in ways that support the good of the whole. Creation is the primary purpose of life.

Some helpful hints. When you learn to allow your soul to express itself with as little interference from your personality as possible, creating reality becomes almost effortless.  As you go about your daily activities, know that divine presence always precedes and follows you. As a matter of fact, it surrounds you. You are eternally in the Light because you are of the Light.

Consciously bless all those who come within the range of your thoughts and actions. In creating personal reality, let us always reflect the magnanimity of love!

Qué Será, Será ~ Aha!

So very elementary;  what you will to be will be
It’s the power of mind’s eye imaging that’ll really set you free
Just make a mental image on which you want to build
Enroll yourself in this precept as you would an ancient guild
Imagine first, then image to fullest capacity
And don’t forget to honor pertinacity
Focus! To do so says wisdom is of greatest sagacity
Planet Earth, shaped like the letter O ~ when added to GOD always makes GOOD.
This we know inside, as well we always should

But how do I ensure that the words above are so?
Will verification thereof require a blow by blow
Officially sanctioned report or some curiously tricky diagram
Of Universal Mind’s most great and glorious plan?

Qué será, será is a phrase that proves
The Universe moves
With laser-like precision
Geometry rules rather than an emphasis on division
In the mix too, there’s existential and exponential multiplicity
Wow, what appears to us as complicated is really mere simplicity
No word profane found in this quite modest claim
If only the purest of qué serás we could just maintain

Overly random or specious thoughts
Just not ought
To emanate from you
Cause when they do they don’t ring true
Naught as an operative word
Is far too often heard
So it has been said with aplomb and by design
That neither zero nor zed generally moves one on down the line.
Rather sustained and focused thought is what’s really sought
So, refine your thinking ~ this you ought
Never fail to do

Hopes are dashed
When thoughts have clashed
And focus is all a scatter,
We question then and say inside oh dear, what is the matter?
Well this then I say to you: support not mental chatter
It takes a straight line
To make things fine,
Non-tangential thought should not be brought to bear
Upon mind’s eye productions ~ cause egregious they could be or simply not so fair

Your imaged AM’s, your imaged BE’s
Must stay free
Of flotsam-like encumbrance
In order to create the most effective 3-D likened substance
The What IS, our dearly beloved show biz

Volition creates condition,
This fact is so and not in any way perdition
Therefore to consciously create reality and hopefully grow
Shut out all except that which you would really know

When thought is askew, start the process anew
Then, see it through
You’ll be quite surprised by all you can do
You can be what you will to be
Qué será IS the law, you see.



Question:  As Rudolph Valentino, did you will becoming a movie star?

No, I did not. Instead, I wanted to become a serious actor, one who could live his parts with alacrity and verve. I saw myself like that which is where the phrase il mio sogno si sta averrando ~ my dream is coming true comes from. As I have mentioned above, such statements are an important part of the creating process.

Author’s note:  It was reported that Valentino exclaimed “my dream is coming true” at the first screening of his breakthrough film, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” See your dream, whatever it is, as true and real, as a three dimensional thing and so it will be.

When I willed the actor in me to emerge, the notion of movie star came along for the ride.  If you will, ‘twas an appendage. In the creation of personal reality, addendums to the main document are frequent. Generally speaking, their purpose is to enhance by adding a little spice to the proceedings. On the other hand, they can also come with barbs, depending on the karma involved and how it applies to the conditions being created.  Nevertheless, whatever the addendums are, when investigated they are usually both cogent and legitimately tangential.

Question:  What are the odds of finding a rare or one of a kind item?

Not high. But when things are duly aligned, all is possible. All may be accomplished, whether it’s finding the proverbial needle in a haystack or a pair of shoes similar to some I once wore. Either task is do-able, first given that the desire to accomplish it exists and secondly that a ‘meshing’ can and does take place.

In order to better understand the point that I would like to make here, visualize the mechanisms behind creating one’s personal reality as being similar to what is found in an old Dutch windmill where a series of gear-like wheels and interlocking cogs function as a unit, meshing in order to bring together varying lines of probability into actualized and therefore observable specificities. Whenever your desire nature initiates a meshing of probabilities, that action has a direct bearing on what ultimately shows up in your life, be it a trend, an opportunity or an object that you might really have wanted to find.

About the author: Hatford is a teacher, writer, editor and author dedicated to bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical worlds. A life-long student of metaphysics and transformation whose previous book, Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane was also channeled, Wayne speaks French, Spanish and Italian, the same languages in which Rudolph Valentino himself was conversant. For more, visit

About the book: One of the greatest lovers the world has ever known returns to the spotlight as gifted teacher and metaphysician. Rudolph Valentino shares his wisdom from beyond.

Valentino Speaks addresses 180 topics in a series of gem-like vignettes organized alphabetically by subject matter. They are all brief and very much to the point, ranging from the day-to-day to the esoteric to the spiritual and are presented with sparkling clarity. Hatford says readers can start at A and proceed through to Z, or use Valentino Speaks as a meditation, picking a page or topic at random every day. Each essay or rumination is not intended to be the last word, however. Instead, it’s meant to be a jumping-off point for further consideration or discussion.

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