All the places, the many faces…life on the road in America

by Guest Blogger Edgar Swamp Before I took my writing seriously I was a musician, a guitarist/singer/songwriter. I played in dozens of rock/metal/grunge bands, traveling around the United Statesin old, dilapidated vehicles that had seen better days when Carter was president. I took my music VERY seriously, actually thought I could become a professional if [...]

Taking advantage of inspiration

by Guest Blogger Edgar Swamp I’ve always found that ideas came to me in the strangest places, at any given hour. They come unbidden when on line at the grocery store, driving down the street, walking a dog. I’d toss them around in my mind, think ‘that’s a great idea! That will make an awesome [...]

Balancing writing and a full-time job

by Guest Blogger Edgar Swamp The predominant thing you hear from people who want to write is their complaint that they don’t have enough time, what with their family, friends, social obligations and, the biggest of the bunch, their job. It would seem there just isn’t enough time in the day for writing because of [...]

The Healing Hand of Boo Boo Care

by Guest Blogger Morgana Morgaine I propelled my book, Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman, out into the world and then…… that most amusing circumstance happened when one writes a book; namely, writing it is the tip of the iceberg. What happens next is a flood of opportunities to go deeper and live what one wrote. [...]

Just How Limited Is Your World?

by Guest Blogger Morgana Morgaine I tell you there are many mornings when the wall is what I see. I don’t even see the spaciousness and beauty that is there… just up there, over the wall. I tend to look down or straight ahead when I walk and have to make a concerted effort “to [...]

Is Anyone Hungry for the Softness of A Female Entrepreneur?

By Guest Blogger Morgana Morgaine Borderless Broads Rethinking Just About Everything When I wrote the book, Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman, I was on a personal quest to define what makes for a woman of substance: a woman who values her soul self, sees strength in softness and treats the heart as the [...]


by Guest Blogger Paula Penn-Nabrit We recently celebrated Grandparents’ Day at our church and it was pretty silly. It’s not silly to recognize grandparents who actively and with conscious intention help shape the day-to-day lives and futures of their grand-children.  What’s silly is pretending that everyone who has experienced genetic reproduction through more than one generation [...]


by Guest Blogger Paula Penn-Nabrit Given his policies on abortion and same-sex marriage, why are so many black Christians still supporting this President? Here’s a hint-it’s not just because he’s black. For generations of Sundays, Americans of the African diaspora have heard A Move of God is on the Way!  It’s been declared and decreed. We [...]

Don’t Laugh…

by Guest Blogger Paula Penn-Nabrit Whenever the topic of church comes up in my regular life, I always start with “Don’t laugh…..” I don’t know how else to prepare folks for the shock of finding out I teach an adult women’s Sunday School class.  And I get it, the shock I mean.  I’m not the nicest, [...]

When the truth is harder to believe than fiction—

by Guest Blogger DL Havlin One of the great things about writing is the opportunity to learn how improbable events and personalities shape our lives… There are occurrences and people that authors like me would be reticent to place in the pages we expect our readers to accept as plausible fiction.  The truth sometimes makes our [...]