Excerpt from The Gyre Mission by Edgar Swamp

“Look, Leeann, you’ve got to calm down,” Dante pleads, attempting to hold her arms at her sides as she lashes out at him. The crewman with them simply watches in bewildered silence, and Dante shoots him an angry glance. “A little help?” The guy rushes forward, taking Leeann around the waist, pressing his legs tight [...]

Excerpt from Borderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman by Morgana Morgaine

Midlife Is a Striptease “I’m going through my life like a cellar and throwing out everything that’s dirty or doesn’t fit, the false smiles, forged history and obscene scrawls. It’s hard work, but I’m singing in my labor and I can hear you and all women singing with me.” —Anonymous “Let it go. Let it go. Let it ALL [...]

Excerpt from The Power of a Virtuous Woman by Paula Penn-Nabrit

It can be a dirty job at times, but somebody has to do it! As much as the virtuous woman cares for her family, she realizes that she and they live in community with others. It is not enough to ensure only the care and comfort of her family. Part of what drives her industry [...]

Excerpt from The Cross on Cotton Creek by DL Havlin

December 29, 1864 “It’s so cold this morning. Come eat breakfast in the house,” Jasmine spoke to Stephen through the open barn door. “That’s very kind of you.” He looked across the 150 feet of open pasture, past the house, at the country lane in front of Jasmine’s house. “What if someone comes by? Will [...]

Yearning by Marcela Mendez

Book Excerpt: Chapter 2 By the time Amanda got home that night, John was already there. “Hi sweetie. How was the fascinating world of plastics today?” he asked as she came in. Amanda wasn’t surprised to find her husband already glued to the couch with the baseball game blaring on the television and a glass [...]

Tell Me When It Hurts by Christine Whitehead

- Chapter Excerpt – The dream started again. This was the bad one, not like the dream of Clique in Madison Square Garden. Everyone remembers her first time, Archer thought wryly as her midnight mind went again where it willed, and it’s never quite what you expected, is it? Four-plus years had not blunted the [...]

Living Happier After, by Wilma Jones

Chapter 2 Managing Your Thoughts Welcome to the gathering. Grab a comfortable seat and your beverage of choice; a cup of coffee, chai tea, a soft drink or perhaps a nice glass of wine. Let me introduce a group of wise and happy women. Listen to the conversation as each woman talks about learning to [...]

Excerpt from Through Angel’s Eyes by Steve Theunissen

Chapter 5 “Remember, what you’re doin’ today is a great thing. Be proud, be dignified, hold your head up high.” With those words Jim Bevel began organizin’ the hundreds o’ children who’d turned up this mornin’ in answer to his call. This was the third day o’ the child marches. They began on ‘D’ day, [...]

Excerpt from Dr. Fuddle & the Gold Baton by Dr. Warren L. Woodruff

CHAPTER ONE Now that he was half past twelve years, Tyler Harrington knew it was time he stopped acting like a frightened child over every little sound in the night or from the blackness of his bedroom, or every time he saw a star disappear, or the millions of other scary notions that crept into [...]

First Excerpt from Carcium by Donald Calvanese

The sword came crashing down with such force that it shook Nina’s balance, knocking her to her knees. She pulled her head up to see a massive gargoyle hovering over her. The beast was a glowing vermilion color with a muscular build and bottomless black eyes that looked deep into her soul. The creature’s leathery [...]