Book Excerpt: The Lost Moonflower – Chapter 1

The Lost Moonflower by Isaac Karoor Chapter 1 The mid-April sun sprinkled its silvery rays upon Rhea Silvia sailing at dawn for Rome. Designed for hauling wheat on the open seas, she also carried passengers. Voyagers were entitled to a place to sleep and drinking water, but no provision was made for meals.  Several shops [...]

Book Excerpt: Divorce Vows by Edie Sangiorgio

Chapter Excerpt: Divorce Vows By Edie Sangiorgio Most intimate relationships start out with certain feelings, expectations, or patterns of behavior that become the foundation of the relationship. Whether two people start out simply as being friends or they begin with romantic intimacy, each partner’s feelings and expectations about relationships influence how they treat others and how they like to be treated. [...]

Book Excerpt: Children of the Manse by Lewis Luchs

The Search: An Introduction – Excerpt from Children of the Manse By Lewis Luchs The Search For Family IN 1978 DOCTORS SUSPECTED breast cancer in my sister, Janey, performed biopsies, and concluded they would recommend a radical mastectomy if there was a history of cancer in her family. We are adopted. Janey knew nothing about [...]

Book Excerpt: Earth’s Pivotal Years by Selacia

Book Excerpt: Earth’s Pivotal Years By Selacia Chapter 1 Preparing for the Revolutionary Paradigm Shift Right now, as you are reading these words, is the most important time you could live on Earth. This is true regardless of how you see yourself through the lens of worldly markers of success, progress, prosperity, and happiness. The [...]

Book Excerpt: Letters Home by Earle Kirkbride

Letters Home – Chapters 4 & 5 By Earle Kirkbride FOUR March 3, 1947 Dearest Folks, Am home on my two-hour lunch period so will drop a line to you. I feel so happy, because I just received some mail.  The G.I. mail courier comes in beaming today & dashes over with my mail.  I [...]

Book Excerpt: Deadly Portfolio by John J. Hohn

Excerpt from ‘Deadly Portfolio’ By John J. Hohn “Matthew. Matthew!” The urgency in Shirley’s voice pulled Matthew out of his chair. She was on the lakeshore near the Sherman dock, beckoning to him. The sun was shining brightly on the water behind her. “Come quick! Come here!” He tossed down his paper, hurried down the [...]

Book Excerpt: Focus on Healing by Jennifer Barraclough

Chapter Excerpt from ‘Focus on Healing’ Jennifer Barraclough What is holistic healing? Healing means ‘to make sound or healthy’ and is a very broad concept. The word is also used as a shorthand description for the specific therapies known as spiritual, or energy, healing. Health is not just the freedom from disease, but a positive [...]

Book Excerpt: Blind. A Memoir by Belo Cipriani

CHAPTER ONE: THE SIREN’S SONG One of the first sounds I learned to detect and fully understand was the song of a screaming ambulance. As a little boy, I would run toward the window every time that scary noise appeared in my simple world. I would glance back at my mom, my hand flat on [...]

Chapter Excerpt: Valentino Speaks

Valentino Speaks by Wayne Hatford Creating Personal Reality As sparks of the energy that is God we continually create, whether we can see immediate results or not. It is our task to do so. The point is that we create our own realities. Things don’t just happen out of the blue. In some way or [...]

Book Excerpt: The Evolution of the American Dream

The Evolution of the American Dream by Bob Skandalaris & Amber Clark Chapter Excerpt: Introduction The “American Dream” is one of those phrases we use so often that we assume we know what it means. Yet when you ask people specifically what they mean by the American Dream, you get an astonishing array of definitions. [...]