Author Profile: Ellie Bushweller

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. I was initially inspired by a conversation with a very imaginative grandson. Because I have worked closely with children, both in my professional work as a registered nurse and a psychotherapist, and as a parent/grandmother, I thought the story and its messages would appeal to [...]

Guest Blog: Plunging Gone Viral

Plunging Gone Viral By: Ellie Bushweller The rapid pace at which new technologies keep developing more gadgets, and expanding services on the ones already in use, amazes me. There are i-pods, i-pads, i-phones, mobile hot spots, WiFi, DSL, fiber optic networks, social networks, to name just a few. I watch in awe at how quickly [...]

Guest Blog: Texting Tales

Texting Tales By: Ellie Bushweller Thumbs moving across the cell-phone keys with lightening speed! I watched in amazement this summer as my teenage grandchildren were texting back and forth. “It’s so easy, Gram. Try it. I’ll teach you.” And so this late bloomer was born into the wonderful, wacky world of texting. In my case, [...]

Guest Blog: Flying The Friendly Skies

Flying The Friendly Skies By: Ellie Bushweller I happily boarded the plane and took my window seat. Placing my back pack under the seat in front of me, I sat back and watched as passengers wrestled their carry-on luggage into the overhead bins. What some travelers consider as carry-on luggage these days amazes me. It [...]