Guest Blog: Are You Two-Faced?

Are You Two-Faced? By Greg Bustin This January 2010 bulletin prompted Dallas Morning News columnist Cheryl Hall to feature Greg Bustin in a January 20, 2010 business article; the bulletin is being re-distributed due to popular response. You may know that the Roman god Janus was most often depicted with two faces looking in opposite [...]

Guest Blog: All In or Playing Along?

All In or Playing Along? By: Greg Bustin A troubling game is starting to play out in the workplace. The game is being played for high stakes among bosses and their direct reports at all levels of organizations. Chief executives are playing it with their boards and partners.  Senior executives on the leadership team are [...]

Guest Blog: Get Out of the Way

Get Out of the Way By: Greg Bustin As the economic recovery continues to gain momentum, many leaders are finding themselves in a delicate balancing act. I’ve alluded to this balancing act before as I while watch leaders wrestle with the reality of an uncertain future. Among the 10 guidelines I have encouraged leaders to [...]

Book Excerpt: That’s a Great Question by Greg Bustin

Why Questions Matter “In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.” ~ Charlie Brown We can learn from children. They ask questions all the time.  Unexpected questions.  Tough questions.  Perplexing questions. Children seem to have an unlimited source of questions. Children are relentless questioners.  Their curiosity is compelling.  And they’re fearless.  They’ll [...]

Author Profile: Greg Bustin

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. As a consultant to successful CEOs and their leadership teams, I’m in the business of asking questions.  I’ve found that successful people appreciate learning from successful experiences, so I selected more than 500 of the most compelling questions I’ve asked the successful people I work [...]

Guest Blog: A Winning Culture

A Winning Culture By: Greg Bustin As the NBA Finals unfolded earlier this year, the Dallas Mavericks claimed the title from the Dallas Cowboys as “America’s Team.” Basketball fans everywhere – except in Florida – seemed to want the Mavs to win. The reasons the Mavs captured the hearts of so many have been discussed [...]

Guest Blog: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Where Have All the Leaders Gone? By: Greg Bustin Three years, most companies around the world were having good years. I saw this first-hand as I spoke to groups of executives in the Netherlands, Canada and throughout the U.S. Sure, not all companies were doing well.  Some were just getting by.  Yet for many, 2008 [...]

Guest Blog: What’s Happened to “Please”?

What’s Happened to “Please”? By: Greg Bustin For busy leaders focusing on finishing the year strong, I’d like to encourage you to add one more thing to your list. Think about becoming more intentional in treating others with consideration. In the strategic planning sessions I lead and the leadership workshops for owners and key executives [...]