Author Profile: Todd Reed

Todd R. Reed (aka “The Communication Coach”) is an award-winning Commercial Television and Radio broadcaster who boasts nearly 20 years of on-air radio, television, and coaching experience. His passion is to empower men and women to sharpen their communication skills, understand what makes each other tick, and use conversation to recreate passion and a love [...]

Author Profile: A.K. Ivanova

Q. Why did you decide to write this book? A. I started writing this book after having begun my dating life trying to be perfect wife material. I was never appreciated, but guys always told me I would be their dream wife if they were ready for that step. I came to realize that when [...]

Guest Blog: Getting Over Mr. Wrong

Getting Over Mr. Wrong By: A.K. Ivanova So he’s cheated on you, disrespects you, uses all of your money, doesn’t have a job, hates your family and may have even hit you, but you still love him and you don’t know why.  And how do you walk away from love when it’s so hard to [...]

Guest Blog – The One Night Stand

The One Night Stand By: A.K. Ivanova Millions of women around the world have met a man that they instantly felt attraction for.  As time moves on the intensity of the attraction grows until finally the first date or encounter happens after the first meeting took place.  The night progresses into what the woman may [...]