Guest Blog: Chemistry Lessons

Chemistry Lessons By: Patricia Copley O’Connell I was 16 when I learned the first: I’d been put on The Pill to control a thorny “female dysfunction” and realized I was a different person when taking the hormones. My creativity was gone; my moods, though level and mellow, contained no more delirious highs, no agonizing lows. [...]

Guest Blog: I’m Too Old For This

I’m too old for this… By: Patricia Copley O’Connell I have a day job. It involves writing too. But it’s not always as fun as working on my own books. Did I say “not always”? I meant “not often.” You would think that marketing is as close to creating fiction as anything an employer is [...]

Book Excerpt: The Alchemy of You by Author Pat O’ Connell

PART A: PROBLEMS Chapter 2| Problems Desperately Seeking Solutions You have needs. This book has solutions. PART A of The Alchemy of YOU gets you from one to the other in a flash, without a lot of fuss. Quick-Reference Format Each chapter in this first section addresses a group of related issues that may concern [...]